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The Archaeology and Early Years project was the result of an exciting joint venture between ourselves and Trinity and All Saints College (TASC) in Leeds.

We had both been long aware of the role that archaeology can play in developing an appreciation of the past in young people, and although nationally much effort has gone into developing archaeological resources for KS2 (for the study of, for example, the Romans or the Vikings), we still felt that this could be developed further to both Foundation Stage and KS1.

Below are links to the teaching material we developed: 

Introducing Archaeology - offers a simple activity which will help your class start thinking about the past. There are also some handy tips about using toys and role play to develop your pupils' thoughts.

Sand Tray Excavations - can be used within the classroom to simulate an archaeological dig. This is not just for those who wish to introduce a history topic. It is also a stimulating exercise for those teachers wishing to work on such topics as materials, textures or even Noah's Ark.


We would like to thank Dave Weldrake (our former Education Officer) for all his hard work creating this fantastic resource, as well as Beverley Forrest (Senior Tutor in Education at TASC), for her help in co-ordinating the project.

The four students who worked on the project were Nicola Miah, Alison O'Hara, Jo Johnson, and Rachel Holyoak. Thanks are also due to the supervisory tutors from TASC and teachers in the schools themselves for their many useful comments on the material which the project generated.

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