Archaeological Activities for Teachers

School pupils excavating

These resources are intended for teachers who want to use elements of archaeology in teaching at KS2.

It will allow you to present your children with a hands-on experience of the past and bring history to life for them.

Archaeological fieldwork can provide a stimulating way to engage children with the past. Below is a selection of resources and activities that can be used by teachers to undertake your own archaeological surveys and then to analyse the results back in the classroom.                                                      

Churchyard SurveyAn activity based on the process of recording names and ages from gravestones. This data handling exercise can stimulate discussion about life expectancy in the past.

Fieldwalking - Archaeologists can tell a lot about what lies under the surface of the ground by walking across a ploughed field and picking up material they find on the way. So can you and your class.

Molehill SurveyThis activity is a simplified version of fieldwalking. Ideal for younger pupils.

Garden surveyThis works on the same principle as fieldwalking, only pupils are asked to pick up materials from their own gardens.

Interpretation and Using Finds in the Classroom - Once you've assembled your finds you can start to analyse them.

Finds Recording Checklist - A helpful form students can use to record artefacts.

Risk Assessment Action Plan for Teachers - Carrying out archaeological fieldwork is a stimulating way to engage children with the past. However there are certain health and safety issues which need to be considered thoroughly before such work can be undertaken. 



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