Ecology Service

West Yorkshire Ecology Service provides two main services - advising on biodiversity conservation and hosting the West Yorkshire Ecological Record.

The key role of West Yorkshire Ecology Service (WYES) is to provide informed and authoritative advice and information to the planning authorities in West Yorkshire to help conserve the most significant biodiversity habitats and species.

WYES is the secretariat for the Local Sites Partnership as well as surveying, assessing and recommending designation of wildlife and geological sites for strategic planning documents. Advice is also provided on development control, site management and interpretation.

West Yorkshire Ecological Record (WYER)

The WYER is a publically accessible database of biodiversity containing information on all designated nature conservation sites and habitat networks within West Yorkshire. Over 720,000 individual species records across a range of biotic groups, including many protected and notable species, are mapped on the geographical information system (GIS).

These records are regularly consulted by developers, district council ecologists, other nature conservation organisations, members of the public, students and researchers. Sources of information available
within the WYER include:
• Records of all designated sites in West Yorkshire
• Reports of ecological field work conducted by WYES
• Wildlife Habitat Network maps for West Yorkshire
• West Yorkshire Local Wildlife Site Selection Guidelines
• Minimum Standards for Bat Surveys in West Yorkshire
• Bat Alert Layer for development control applications
• Guidance for birds and small scale wind turbines
• Phase 1 Habitat Surveys for all districts within West Yorkshire (1990)



 If you would like to request data, please complete the data request form available below and send it to us via email ( or post and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



Our standard data searches are for a 2km search radius from either a central grid reference or a supplied site boundary.



2km protected/notable species and designated sites - £170.00 + VAT (£204 total)

Included in OPTION 1:

Protected & notable species records listed and mapped in a PDF report.

Designated site citations,  including a habitat and species list, site assessment against adopted LWS criteria and a summary citation.

Excel spreadsheet or GIS MapInfo tab or ESRI shapefile of the species records (please state which you would prefer to receive).

Mapped Wildlife Habitat Network data.

UK Priority Habitats can be supplied UPON REQUEST.



2km bat only search - £87.00 + VAT (£104.40 total)

Included in OPTION 2:

Bat records listed and mapped in a PDF report.

Excel spreadsheet or GIS MapInfo tab or ESRI shapefile of the species records.


For complex enquiries individual quotations will be supplied at the discretion of the Senior Ecologist.

The data is provided within 10 working days of us receiving confirmation of your order.



Access to material will continue with no charge.


Cross-boundary Ecological Data Searches

WYES is able to offer cross-boundary ecological data searches with Doncaster Local Records Centre and North & East Yorkshire Ecological Data Centre for standard 2km point and radius searches (sites and species data searches and bat only data searches). These provide a cheaper alternative with less administration than ordering separately from the respective Local Environmental Records Centres (LERC).

Where ecological data searches are centred in the WYES geographic area and extend into the areas listed above, you will receive data from both as part of a single WYES data search. If your ecological data search area is centred in Doncaster or North East Yorkshire but extends into West Yorkshire, you will be directed to their ecological data search service and they will supply you with WYES data.

For non-standard or custom searches (i.e. those that are larger than a 2km point and radius search or equivalent area), ecological data searches will still need to be made to each Local Environmental Records Centre separately. If you have a very small site (polygon) + 2km buffer search that extends into a LERC area with whom we have an agreement, consider submitting the search in point and radius format, which will allow you to make use of the cross-boundary system.

If you have any further questions regarding this service please contact us on


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