Financial Investigation Service

Working with criminal investigators and victims of crime to identify criminal gain, restrain assets and seek compensation for vulnerable victims.

The West Yorkshire Financial Investigation Service offers confiscation and money laundering investigation services to Local Authorities and other public sector agencies across the North of England.

Our Financial Investigation Service team members are Accredited Financial Investigators (accredited under the Proceeds of Crime Act and regulated by the National Crime Agency), trained in undertaking money laundering and confiscation investigations under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. We are able to identify and restrain assets for the purpose of confiscation.

The Priorities of West Yorkshire Financial Investigation Service

We support criminal investigations and contribute to restorative justice for the benefit of vulnerable consumers across West Yorkshire and beyond. Our current key priorities are as follows:

  • To work in partnership with Local Authorities to identify and investigate financial exploitation and abuse perpetrated against vulnerable residents;
  • Support the work of West Yorkshire Financial Exploitation and Abuse Team by providing financial investigation services and expertise;
  • Develop the role of West Yorkshire Financial Investigation Service in supporting the five districts of West Yorkshire to identify and tackle corporate fraud.

How West Yorkshire Financial Investigation Service can help with your investigation

We have over nine years’ experience of Proceeds of Crime Act work and over 15 years’ fraud investigation experience, particularly with Local Authorities.

Our experience with Local Authorities means we have an in-depth understanding of Local Authority structure and processes, giving us the ability to support and enhance criminal enquiries or undertake the investigation in its entirety depending on resources.

We strive to provide a high level of customer service, keeping you informed throughout the process and ensuring the best possible and cost effective outcome.