Calibration Services

We provide a national calibration service encompassing the testing & verification of weights and weighing instruments, glass measures and bulk fuel.


We provide a calibration service for a wide variety of weighing and measuring equipment including bulk fuel, glass measures and weighing instruments. Our legal verification services for weighing and measuring equipment is in line with UK and EU legislation.

Our mass laboratory is UKAS accredited to ISO 17025 and can accommodate the calibration of mass from 1mg to 1,000kg, with all measurements traceable to the UK National Standards. To ensure continued accuracy we have invested heavily in our labs to provide a stable environment for testing, taking into consideration factors such as vibration, heat and air.  

Calibration of Weighing and Measuring Equipment

From our laboratories we can provide a calibration service for the following types of weighing and measuring equipment:

  • Weighing instruments – ranging from pharmaceutical weighing instruments to those used on factory production lines;
  • Glass measures and flasks (1ml to 2l);
  • Metal capacity measures (2l to 20l);
  • Tape measures and rules (150mm to 50m);
  • Local Authority Working Standard weights and testing equipment.

Our clients span a number of industries, from weighing instrument manufacturers and engineers to factories. We also work very closely with Local Authorities, ensuring that their test equipment is calibrated to Working Standards.

We offer both a UKAS accredited mass calibration service and a legal verification calibration service. Click on the links below to find out more:

UKAS accredited mass calibration service

Legal verification calibration service

Hire of Weights and Measurement Equipment

We have a range of test units for hire to meet individual business needs, including:

  • Fully equipped weighbridge test units;
  • LPG calibration test unit;
  • Bulk fuel calibration test unit;
  • Test weights (20kg units);
  • Liquid fuel measuring instrument test unit.

All of our test units can be hired with a specialist operator and blocked booked.

For more information on the hire of weights and measuring equipment, choose from one of the options below:

Bulk Fuel Tanker Bay Services

Weighbridge Testing

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Testing