Historic Buildings in West Yorkshire

Heathcote historical house

There are over 10,000 listed buildings in West Yorkshire. These include churches, grand country houses, more humble vernacular buildings, such as cottages, farmhouses and barns, and a large number of industrial buildings such as mills, warehouses and tanneries.

Buildings can contain a vast amount of archaeological information, such as past construction methods, materials, styles and function and how sites have evolved and adapted to their occupant’s needs. Archaeological building recording (where structures are subject to detailed and systematic recording methodologies, analysis and interpretation), has become an accepted means of gaining a greater understanding of a building. 

Building types that have recently been identified as having been little studied in West Yorkshire, and under threat, include 19th-century agricultural buildings such as barns, stables and granaries. These buildings contain information about the changing use of buildings and changes in farming methods. Other building types identified as facing similar threats include Victorian schools and chapels.

Owners and developers proposing to carry out alterations to both listed and un-listed historic buildings are therefore welcome to contact us to discuss the appropriateness of such changes in advance of submitting planning applications.  

If you would like to learn more about some of the building types which characterise West Yorkshire, below is a list of some of the extensive thematic surveys which have been conducted:

  • Giles, C. (RCHME/WYAS) Rural Houses of West Yorkshire 1400-1830
    a selective record to illustrate the development of domestic architecture over a long period. 
  • Caffyn, L. (RCHME/WYAS) Worker's Housing in West Yorkshire 1750-1920
    an investigation into the change and development in working patterns and social conditions in a number of industries ranging from farming and mining to transport. 
  • Giles, C. and Goodhall, I. (RCHME/WYAS)Yorkshire Textile Mills 1770-1930
    a rapid survey of all the textile mills in the County followed by detailed investigation of a representative sample of the most important examples. 
  • Ryder, P. (RCHME/WYAS) Medieval Churches of West Yorkshire
    a survey of the county's medieval parish churches, many of which have been ignored by architectural historians.

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