West Yorkshire Financial Exploitation and Abuse Team

Elderly woman on phoneThe West Yorkshire Financial Exploitation and Abuse Team (WYFEAT) is a multi-agency task force consisting of trading standards professionals, financial investigators, police and social workers.

Led by West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service, WYFEAT undertakes complex criminal investigations, safeguarding victims and vulnerable adults in the community. In addition, the team can undertake confiscation cases to remove assets from offenders and compensate victims. This work is carried out through the Proceeds of Crime Act in partnership with West Yorkshire Financial Investigation Service.

The type of work that WYFEAT undertakes

The types of cases WYFEAT investigate include scams, frauds and doorstep crime. More recently the team have investigated cases involving financial exploitation by family members, carers and people in a position of trust.

A significant proportion of the work that WYFEAT undertakes is to raise awareness of scams and fraud. To assist this, West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service runs a number of initiatives, including:

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To bring to life the type of work that WYFEAT undertakes, we have a number of news stories which highlight our achievements, including:

After the interception of a so called ‘suckers list’, which contained the names and address of vulnerable residents across the country, WYFEAT were able to protect 5,000 West Yorkshire residents who were named on the list. Click here to read more.

The conviction of a Director who ran UKHI Ltd Home Improvements and Energy Efficient Double Glazing. The total compensation for victims totalled over £37,000. Click here to read more.

The conviction of a business owner who traded as UK Everest Ltd which led to him being sentenced to 13 months imprisonments and paying £20,000 in compensation to his victims. Click here to read more.


Contact WYFEAT

If you would like to discuss ways of getting involved with the work that we do, or if you have a concern about a resident who you believe may be a victim of scam or fraud, please email us on dutyofficer@wyjs.org.uk 

For professionals, if you wish to make a new referral, please see the attached - WYFEAT referral form. 

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