Primary Authority

What is Primary Authority?

Primary Authority is an alternative approach for businesses to comply with the law. The scheme seeks to provide consistent regulation, improve professionalism, reduce burdens placed upon businesses and encourage growth.

West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service currently have 70+ partnerships, some of which are with  multi-million pound, multi site organisations that you will come across as consumers every day.

The team consist of Trading Standards professionals who provide bespoke business advice, on which the business can build their policies and procedures on a cost recovery basis. We believe that most businesses want to treat their customers fairly. Primary Authority gives the business this opportunity with full, tailored support with a single point of contact.

The Primary Authority team pride themselves on delivering consistent, efficient and effective advice which can be relied upon. Find out more about the scheme.

If you are interested in entering into a Primary Authority Partnership with West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service, call us on 0113 5350214 to discuss how this would benefit your business and to answer any questions you may have about the scheme or you can email us at     


Current training available for PA businesses;

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 training covers the change to the consumer landscape coming into force in October 2015 for business to consumer contracts. The course gives an overview to businesses about the changes which take the place of The Sale of Goods Act and the new approach to timescales, remedies and obligations on traders.  

The Consumer Contracts (information cancellation and additional charges) Regulations 2013  Consumers purchasing online or in the home have more rights available to them including the option to cancel for any reason if they wish* businesses have to provide specific information to consumers and be aware of the implications of cancellation. Includes businesses selling to consumers via a distance, on the doorstep, in consumers homes or on trader premises.

The course can be broken down to each contract area to suit the needs of the business.

*Subject the exemptions

Safety training obligations in the eyes of manufacturers, importers, distributors or retailers vary throughout the supply chain. Training can cover product specific legislation or a general overview of consumer product safety.

Updates on the legal requirements, obligations and due diligence defences are available to delegates and can be tailor made to suit business needs. 

Age Restricted Sales Advice on how to retail responsibly in relation to age restricted sales, indications on best practise and due diligence defences. 

Bespoke training packages - Bespoke training packages are available and can be written upon request in order to accommodate your specific businesses requirements under trading law. Training packages are available to reach consumers, businesses both internally or externally, groups of business and organisations. 

Agendas can be worked to suit your specific timescale and refresher training is also available in addition to the main courses.

Fees (from April 2022)

Primary Authority Service


Hourly rate

Assured Advice 

The process of providing assured advice which can be relied on including checking the associated polices, procedures and documentation comply with legislation and conducting an on-site visit where appropriate. 


£76.50 per hour Officer time

Inspection Plans

Development of inspection plan and distribution onto BEIS site 


£76.50 per hour Officer time

Referrals from other Trading Standards Authorities of Enforcement bodies

The handling of enquiries/requests for data from Enforcement bodies.


£76.50 per hour Officer time

On-going strategic support

Comprehensive advice and guidance on compliance matters, including meeting with the business


£76.50 per hour Officer time

Development Activity

Review of policies, procedures and systems, action plans for the direction of the partnership


£76.50 per hour Officer time


Development and delivery of training courses of various subjects within legal compliance


Prices on request