Services to Business

At West Yorkshire Trading Standards we work to ensure a fair market place where consumers can safely and confidently interact with compliant businesses.

To aid regulatory compliance we offer a range of services to business. These include compliance auditing, pay as you go advice, primary authority advice and training. Our aim in offering such services is to create a fair and sustainable trading environment for both the benefit of consumers and business.

Business Advice

Through our enforcement policy we are committed to ensuring businesses clearly understand the legislative requirements related to their business activity. Through the advice we provide we help businesses meet regulatory requirements and build customer confidence.

For start-up and smaller businesses we provide a ‘pay as you go’ advice service. Such flexible advice helps to support the UK’s growth agenda, specifically the Yorkshire and Humber regional economy.

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Compliance Auditing

We can perform auditing services against a range of regulatory areas. From the audits, our experienced and qualified Trading Standards Officers will provide practical advice appropriate to the size of your business. Depending upon your requirements, following on from the audit we can work with you to design processes that ensure continued compliance. Our auditors hold the ISO 9001:2015 (Quality management Systems) qualification.

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Consumer Safety

For businesses who manufacture or import products for consumer use, we can provide detailed and targeted advice on product safety. Such advice can incorporate valuable information on the integration of safety controls minimizing the risk to the end user, from the design through to production and placing on the market.

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Primary Authority Advice

Primary Authority advice is an alternative approach for businesses to comply with the law. As a provider of Primary Authority, we can provide assured advice on regulatory compliance. The scheme, regulated by The Better Regulation Delivery Office is designed to provide consistent regulation, improve professionalism, reduce burdens upon businesses and encourage growth.

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To help businesses comply with regulatory law and good practice we deliver a variety of training courses. Scheduled courses include Food Labelling for Packers, Consumers Rights Act for Businesses and Introduction to Average Weight.

If you have bespoke training needs to help with compliance, we can partner with you and deliver in-house training.

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Farm and Feeds Advice and Registration

The EC Feed Hygiene Regulations (183/2005) provides feed businesses to have a system in place to ensure that feed is safe for the animals and the food chain. We provide businesses with a Feed Hygiene Registration number upon successful registration.

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Financial Investigation

Our Financial Investigations team help local authorities recover money obtained through crime by use of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.

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Motor Trade Partnership

We work with motor dealerships and garages across West Yorkshire to improve standards within the motor industry. By becoming a member of the Motor Trade Partnership, businesses are able to prove that they are recognised by West Yorkshire Trading Standards as adhering to fair selling practices and provide high levels of customer service.

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