SAFER Advice

On this SAFER Project advice page, we provide advice on the following topics:

  • What to do if you suspect a scam or fraud;
  • Nuisance calls and junk mail;
  • Rogue traders.

How do I report a scam or fraud?

You can report a scam or fraud to:

Citizens advice Consumer Helpline on: 0808 223 1133 or Action Fraud on: 0300 123 2040

If you are a professional working within West Yorkshire and think you may have a client who has been victim to a recent scam, you can seek further advice through the SAFER Project Officers - contact us on 0113 535 0242.

What should I do if I suspect a rogue trader is operating in my community?

You should report any information to the Citizens advice Consumer Helpline on: 0808 223 1133  and the police on 101 (non- emergency). However, if you think a crime is taking place in front of you, immediately call the police on 999.

I get a lot of nuisance calls and junk mail, is there anything I can do to stop them?

To reduce nuisance telephone calls and junk mail you can register for free with the Telephone and Mail Preference Services - please note that this service cannot stop nuisance international calls.

  • Telephone Preference Service: 0845 7034599
  • Mail Preference Service: 0845 070 0707

If you are receiving huge volumes of nuisance telephone calls we advise that you change your number, make it ex- directory and then sign up to the telephone preference service.

Another option would be to purchase a call blocking device to stop calls. One unit we recommend is the True Call Unit. Please be aware that the Telephone Preference Service do not sell call blocking devices. If any one contacts you out of the blue offering to sell you a similar device, hang up because it is most likely a scam!

I know someone who is a victim of a scam or fraud and I think it is impacting upon their mental health and well – being, as well as causing significant financial detriment, what should I do?

If you think an older person might be suffering financial detriment or physical or physiological issues because of scams, frauds or rogue traders, you must report this to their local Safeguarding Adults Board. We all have a duty to protect older people from financial abuse, so don’t think twice, make a referral straight away.  Please e-mail

I think I may have some information on Loan Sharks, how and where can I report this?

You can report any information about loan sharks anonymously by contacting the Illegal Money Lending Team on:

  • Telephone: 0300 555 2222
  • 24-hour service
  • Text LOAN SHARK and the lender’s details to 60003

If you can’t find an answer to your question on here, please contact the team direct to see if they can answer it for you - see below for contact details.

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