Partner Training

The SAFER Project work in partnership with organisations that are able to identify those at risk, as well as volunteers and community champions who can help us to spread key messages and reach the more isolated members of the community.

The SAFER Project works with Partner organisations across West Yorkshire

We have trained a number of different services and organisations from the Police, to community Carers on what to look out for when they come into contact with a vulnerable person at risk. We educate and update partners on what scams are out there, what questions to ask service users and who they can report any concerns to.

How to get involved with the SAFER Project

If you are interested in helping protect your local community against scams, fraud and doorstep crime, then please complete the enquiry form below. By completing the form, we can send you updates on latest scam and fraud tactics, and if needed we can run bespoke training courses for your organisation or community group.

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