SAFER (Scams And Frauds Education For Residents) Project

West Yorkshire Trading Standards SAFER Project (Scams And Frauds Education for Residents), has been helping older people and vulnerable adults across the five districts of West Yorkshire protect themselves from scams, frauds and doorstep crime over the last six years. During this time, we have actively engaged with vulnerable adults across the region, empowering residents to live in a safer community

The project has successfully secured funding for a further three years and will now focus on all age groups.  The next three years will see the SAFER team reach out to people of all ages and deliver five new and fresh workshops to the residents of West Yorkshire.

How the SAFER Project works to protect and prevent

The Safer Project delivers FREE informal, interactive and engaging community workshops on a number of topics, including:


Aim: To make residents aware of the most common types of scams and frauds in circulation, how to avoid them and where to report them to.

Content: An Interactive workshop focusing on the most common scams in circulation covering social media, online, phone, text, email and postal scams. We shine a light on scam tactics and share tips on how to protect yourself and others.


Aim: To give residents key advice and top tips on dealing with rogue traders, distraction burglary, and bogus callers.

Content: An Interactive workshop with varying doorstep scenarios identifying simple key strategies for dealing with bogus callers, rogue traders and other unwanted callers.  Also includes information about Cold Calling Control Zones.


Aim: To give residents key advice and top tips on how to spot counterfeit and unsafe goods and we explore the risks, dangers and consequences of the fake market.

Content: Can you spot a fake? An Interactive workshop exploring the counterfeit market, helping participants make informed choices when purchasing goods.  We also look at some of the risks, dangers and consequences of the fake market.


Aim: To enhance residents key skills for budgeting, providing money saving tips and how to avoid high cost credit.  We explain APR and compare loans as well as provide information about how to live healthily on a budget.

Content: The session is fun and interactive, allowing participants to share their cost savings tips, we explain APR, compare the costs of food brands and also explain loan shark activity and money muling.


Aim: To encourage residents to think about their energy usage, how to try and reduce their monthly bills and practical tips on how to look for the best genuine deals on the market.

Content: An Interactive myth busting 'True or False' challenge looking at energy wastage and
appliances, as well as practical energy and money saving tips.

The SAFER Project also works in partnership with organisations that are able to identify those at risk, as well as volunteers and community champions who can help us spread key messages - click here to read more about out Partner training.

Want to know more?

If you'd like to find out more about the SAFER Project then please call us on 0113 535 0242 and leave a message or email

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