Motor Trade Partnership Members Celebrate Excellence

Friday 23 March

West Yorkshire Trading Standards established the Motor Trade Partnership scheme over 17 years ago. The purpose of the scheme is to help consumers across West Yorkshire purchase cars or have repairs with confidence.

The Motor Trade Partnership strives to promote best practice and excellent customer service. Every Motor Trade Partnership member makes a commitment to fair and honest practices and are regularly monitored by a dedicated team at West Yorkshire Trading Standards. As part of the monitoring practice, the following checks are made:

  • The member is compliant with all relevant legislation including the Consumer Rights Act 2015;
  • A robust complaints procedure is followed which deals with complaints quickly, fairly and justly;
  • Terms & Conditions of sale are provided;
  • Warranty documents are completed correctly;
  • For car sales, prices, descriptions and energy statements (new cars) are clearly displayed and correctly promoted.
  • For services and repairs, adequate authorisation is received from the consumer before any work is done.

Each year, the results of these checks are collated and Excellence in Customer Service Awards given to those Motor Trade Partner members who excel. For 2017 the following members were recognised for their Excellence in Customer Service:

To find out more about the Motor Trade Partnership, visit the consumer section of our website by clicking here.