Cold Calling Control Zone implemented in Guiseley

Thursday 18 January
On 16th January 2024 Officers from West Yorkshire Trading Standards and Leeds City Council, along with Councillors Eleanor Thomson and Oliver Edwards, came together to implement a Cold Calling Control Zone in Shakespeare Road, Shakespeare Close, Stanley Grove and Nunroyd Avenue in Guiseley. The zone was funded by the Members Improvements in the Community and Environment Grants. The aim of the zone is to decrease doorstep crime and rogue trader related incidents in the area.

Along with the issue of cold callers harassing people to buy unwanted goods and services on the doorstep, the other issue is that often bogus callers will use the guise of being legitimate sales people to enable them to access property to commit crime. Officers distributed door/window stickers to residents that say ‘NO’ to doorstep traders and signs were erected at the entrances to warn traders that they are entering a zone, giving the strong message that doorstep callers are not welcome.

West Yorkshire Trading Standards has implemented over 300 zones to combat rogue traders and doorstep criminals. The success of these zones is evident by the feedback from residents which, overall is extremely positive in that the zones significantly reduce the number of doorstep callers that they experience. Once a zone is implemented reputable traders selling goods or services will avoid cold calling in that area.

Linda Davis, West Yorkshire Trading Standards Manager said, “Cold Calling Zones operate as a deterrent to unscrupulous traders and/or doorstep criminals who target the most vulnerable people in the community. They send a clear message that doorstep callers will not be tolerated and give residents the confidence to refuse to deal with them. They reduce the number of opportunities available to bogus callers posing as genuine salespeople thereby reducing local levels of crime. It is important that any such incidents are reported”

Councillor Eleanor Thomson said “Cold Calling Control Zones allow us the opportunity to support the collective wishes of our residents to protect themselves and look out for each other within their communities. It is important that people safeguard themselves where possible by avoiding doing business on the doorstep”

You can report suspicious cold callers to West Yorkshire Trading Standards via the Citizens Advice Helpline 0808 223 1133.

For further information on Cold Calling Control Zones visit

If you are looking for a reputable trader then visit the Leeds Directory website where you can find a list of vetted traders

Notes to editor
Photo: Melvyn Prior – Leeds City Council (far left holding the sign), Cllr Eleanor Thomson (middle) and Cllr Oliver Edwards.