Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Testing

Firemen in uniformWest Yorkshire Materials Testing Service carries out testing on protective clothing, gloves and materials. We are UKAS accredited for a number of  performance standards and test methods examples of which are outlined below:

PPE testing - clothing

  • EN ISO 11612 - Protective clothing against heat and flame
  • EN ISO 11611 - Protective clothing for welding and allied processes
  • EN ISO 14116 - Protective clothing against heat and flame (limited flame spread materials, material assemblies and clothing)
  • EN ISO 20471 - High visibility clothing
  • EN 1150 - High visibility clothing
  • EN 1149 - Protective clothing with electrostatic properties
  • EN 469 - Protective clothing for firefighters.


PPE testing-  gloves

  • EN 420 - General Requirements
  • EN 388 - Protective gloves against mechanical risks
  • EN 407 - Protective gloves against thermal risks (heat and/or fire)
  • EN 12477 - Protective gloves for welders.


PPE Certification Services

We are an established test laboratory and Notified Body (no. 2019) for Personal Protective Equipment. We are currently working with clients to help them prepare for the change in PPE legislation from the European Directive 89/686/EEC to the Regulation EU 2016/425.

The new Regulation is fully applicable from 21st April 2018. However, there is to be a full calendar year transition period from 21st April 2018 to 20th April 2019. For more information about the transition to the Regulation EU 2016/425 visit our dedicated PPE Certification page.

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