Flammability testing

Burning matchWe are a UKAS accredited Textile Testing Laboratory specialising in flammability testing. 

We have extensive knowledge and experience in flammability testing of upholstered seating, mattresses and bedding, curtains, nightwear, carpets, aircraft and automobile interiors and many other end users.

With over 25 years of experience of testing mattresses for manufacturers, suppliers and Trading Authorities alike, we can offer the benefit of our knowledge and experience to ensure our clients achieve the safety requirements needed for both domestic and contract end users.

With our links to West Yorkshire Trading Standards (also part of West Yorkshire Joint Services) who have Primary Authority partnership with the National Bed Federation (NBF) and have awarded Assured advice status to the NBF’s Code of Practice, we can offer legal guidance through West Yorkshire Trading Standards where needed for your peace of mind.We understand that with a series of standards and regulations applicable to flammability testing and analysis it can sometimes be difficult to ascertain the exact requirements needed. Our experts are always able to discuss each specific situation and make recommendations.

We are a UKAS accredited Textile Testing Laboratory specialising in flammability testing of mattresses, bedding, headboard and upholstered seating.

Our flammability testing and analysis services

Our experienced team carries out flammability testing covering the most up to date British and European Standards and Regulations examples of which are outlined below:


Material Type Standard
The Furniture & Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988 as amended

BS 5852: Part 1: 1979

BS 5882: Part 2: 1982

BS 6807: 1985 

Contract upholstery

BS 7176: 2007 + AI: 2011

BS EN 1021-1: 2006 + 2014

BS EN 1021-2:2006 + 2014

BS 5852: 2006


Chairs (complete items)

BS 5852:2006

Mattresses and bed bases

BS 6807: 2006

BS EN 597-1: 1995 + 2015

BS EN 597-2: 1995 + 2015

BS 7177: 2008 + AI: 2011


Bedcovers and pillows

BS 7175: 1989

BS EN ISO 12952: 2010 Parts 1 and 2

Curtains and drapes

BS 5867-2: 2008

Crown supplies FTS 7


Floor coverings

BS 4790: 1987

BS 6307: 1982

Aircraft interior fabric

CS.25.853(b) Vertical and horizontal

Motor vehicle interior fabrics


ISO 3795 / BSau169

International maritime specifications


Upholstery IMO Annex 1, part 8

Bedding IMO Annex 1, part 9

Vertically supported fabrics (curtains and drapes), Annex 1, part 7.

 Gym mats

 BS 1892-3:2003

The Nightwear (Safety) Regulations 1985

BS 5772: 1984



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