Weighbridge Testing Units

Weighbridge testing unitsWe operate two, purpose-built weighbridge test units which are available for hire on either a daily basis, or for multiple blocks of hiring days.

The combination of different sized weights carried on each test unit enable accuracy testing of smaller platform weighing machines in addition to larger weighbridges.

Our personnel are trained and experienced in the safe operation of the weighbridge test units as well as the testing process itself. We operate within a specific safety method statement and risk assessment, which facilitates efficient testing.

The weighbridge test units carry a total testing load of up to 24,000kg in weights all of which are calibrated by our UKAS accredited laboratory, providing traceability to United Kingdom National Standards. We also operate within an ISO9001:2008 accredited quality system

The fully laden combined weight of a weighbridge test unit can be up to 48,000kg comprising of the tractor unit, trailer, forklift truck and weights.

The approximate dimensions of our weighbridge test units are:


Unit 1

Unit 2

Total length:

15.4 meters

17.1 meters


2.5 meters

2.5 meters


3.95 meters

3.95 meters


11.3 meters

13.6 meters

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