Testing of Weights and Measures Equipment


Testing and authorising weighing and measuring equipment as fit for trade use. weights and measures act

As the Local Weights and Measures Authority for West Yorkshire we employ a number of fully qualified and experienced Trading Standards Officers who are authorised and competent Inspectors of Weights and Measures.

We are also part of the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Approved Body. In this capacity we are able to initially verify weighing and measures equipment being placed on the market under the Measuring Instruments Regulations 2016 and Weights & Measures (Non Automatic Weighing Instruments) Regulations.


These include:


We offer a verification service for a wide range of weighing and measuring equipment which is required by UK law to be tested and passed before it can be used for trade. 

Advice and guidance

As the Enforcement body for Weights and Measures legislation within West Yorkshire we can also provide advice and guidance on legal requirements as well as assessment of legal compliance and the development of due diligence procedures.

By working with us, you can be confident that your business is compliant with legislation. Depending on the industry you operate in, the cost of using inaccurate equipment, aside from prosecution under the Weights and Measures Act 1985 can have a direct impact on your businesses’ profitability. From long-term brand damage to simply giving too much produce away over a period of time, inaccuracy will have a detrimental impact.

We offer an advice, testing and verification service for a variety of equipment and systems.


4 glass flasksTraceable Calibrations for length, volume and mass.

Within our calibration facility we are capable of providing fully traceable calibrations to national standards for length and volume measures and weighing equipment.

Calibrations are carried out under our ISO 9001 accredited quality system. We provide a calibration service and certificates for a wide variety of weighing and measuring equipment. All tests are traceable to UK National Standards and suitable for most quality assurance systems. The certificate we issue may also be used to provide your customers with objective evidence of the integrity of your measuring equipment. For our ISO9001 accreditation certificate click here.         

Pertol measureOur services include:

  • Glass measures and flasks (1 ml to 2 l)
  • Metal capacity measures (2 l to 20 l)
  • Tape measures and rules (150 mm to 50 m)
  • Weighing instruments (all accuracy classes at various capacities)
  • Local Authority Working Standard weights and testing equipment.

We have over 20 years of experience providing calibration of equipment used in these type of applications and all of our calibrations are carried out by qualified and experiences staff.

standard metreOur clients span a number of industries, from weighing instrument manufacturers and engineers to factories. We also work very closely with other Local Authorities, ensuring that their test equipment is calibrated to Working Standards.


We guarantee you:

  • A totally independent, professional and confidential service                                
  • A competitive price
  • Full traceability of all measurements to National Standards
  • small scale.pngA prompt and efficient service.