Legal Verification Services

Weights and measures act seal

We employ a number of fully qualified and experienced Trading Standards Officers who are authorised Inspectors of Weights and Measures.


We offer a verification service for a wide range of weighing and measuring equipment which is required by UK and EU law to be tested and passed before it can be used for trade.

Advice and guidance

We can also provide advice and guidance on legal requirements as well as assessment of legal compliance and the development of due diligence procedures.


West Yorkshire Trading Standards Calibration Service works as part of the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Notified Body. In this capacity we are able to facilitate the initial verification of a range of weighing and measures equipment being placed on the market under the Measuring Instruments Directive and Weights & Measures (Non Automatic Weighing Instruments) Regulations.

These include:

  • Bulk fuel metering systems
  • Non-automatic weighing instruments
  • Automatic catchweighers
  • Gravimetric filling instruments
  • Automatic rail weighbridges
  • Liquid fuel and lubricant dispensers
  • Automatic discontinuous totalisers
  • Capacity serving measures
  • Material measures of length.

We are able to verify and calibrate weighing equipment used for SOLAS purposes.

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