Bulk Fuel Tanker Bay Services

Tanke bay calibrationWe are a centre of excellence in volumetric calibration for the liquid fuel trade and for a wide range of business activities where accurate measurement is required.

Calibration and verification testing

We provide a comprehensive verification service for bulk fuel meter measuring systems and bulk fuel dipstick measuring systems, ensuring they are fit for trade use.

Calibration and certification of tank compartments in incremental quantities

We calibrate and provide a certificate of accuracy for tank compartments designed for contents measuring of products such as liquid fuel, beer, spirits, lubricants and chemicals.

Capacity testing of tank compartments

We test the capacity of bulk tank compartments including vehicle-mounted or static tanks and vessels. We also provide ullage measurements of the compartments at known volumes.

Calibration of freestanding meters

We calibrate freestanding LPG and water reference meters.

Bulk fuel testing unit and operative

Our unit and operative are available for daily hire.

Legal Requirements

Our professionally qualified inspectors carry out the verifications of tanker measuring systems as required by both UK and European law. And can provide advice on legal requirements.


Our calibration bay can provide the accurate calibration and traceability to National Standards which Quality Assurance systems often demand. The certificate we issue may also be used to provide your customers with objective evidence of the integrity of your measuring equipment.

We guarantee you:

  • A totally independent, professional and confidential service
  • A competitive price
  • Full traceability of all measurements to National Standards
  • A prompt and efficient service.

Accurate measurement is critical in high-volume applications. 

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