Registry of Deeds and Family and Local History

Registry of Deeds

Registry of deeds

We hold one of only five surviving Registry of Deeds in the whole country. It contains memorial copies of over seven million deeds covering the years 1704 to September 1970.

What the deeds can help you with:

  • Tracing the history of a house
  • Tracing people who owned land or property before 1970
  • Getting certified copies of pre 1970 deeds for legal purposes

The Registry of Deeds can be used for legal purposes or for family and local history.

To request a legal copy of a deed please complete the Legal copy order form

Archives for Family and Local History

We hold many collections that can help you find out more about your family history, local history or the history of a building.

The following guides provide an introduction to the types of records that may help you:

User Guide 10 - House History Records

User Guide 11 - Family Records

User Guide 16 - Local History Records


If you have any questions about any of these resources or you would like some help starting your research then please contact us.