Donating Records

Donated records

We are always happy to take in records that enhance our knowledge of the Heritage of West Yorkshire and fit with our Collections Policy.

If you decide you want to donate your records with us we can provide professional assistance throughout the whole process.

We can help with:

  • Surveying your deposit
  • Arranging collection of your deposit and transport to our offices
  • Storage of your deposit in environmentally monitored facilities
  • Adding your deposit to our online catalogue
  • Conservation work subject to assessment

If you have records you wish to deposit with us and would like more detailed advice please contact us.  Every potential deposit is different so please provide the following information as a starting point:

  • What the records are
  • How much material there is (e.g. 1 letter, 2 carrier bags, 20 boxes)
  • The format the material is in (e.g. volumes, loose papers, CDs, hard drive)
  • Who owns the material and where does it come from
  • Whether you are happy to pass ownership of the material to WYAS, or whether you, your group, or organisation,  would prefer to keep ownership of the material (if known at this stage)
  • Whether there is a deadline by which the collection needs to be moved

 Please do get in touch before dropping records off or posting items to us. 

For further information on depositing records please see our user guide. Our terms and conditions of deposit are available to download here