Mitigation services

Take advantage of our considerable experience and extensive range of services to promptly discharge your archaeological planning condition.

We will work with speed and efficiency to meet your archaeological requirements.

Watching briefWatching brief

Watching briefs are carried out during ground works associated with the development. They are undertaken as a condition of planning consent when there is a possibility that archaeological deposits may be encountered. A watching brief should not unduly delay the development timetable.

Strip and record excavationStrip and Record/Excavation

If you require a strip and record excavation as a condition of planning consent, please contact us for advice. This type of fieldwork should have clearly defined objectives to ensure adequate recording, sampling and interpretation of archaeological features. The records made and finds recovered will be analysed and reported, often as a final stage of mitigation.

Building recordingBuilding Recording

Our experienced building recording team provides professional and rapid building recording services to architects, archaeologists, developers, consultants and local authorities.

Our building recording services include:

  • Drawn and photographic recording
  • Analysis and evaluation
  • External survey using aerial photography mast
  • Historical research

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