Evaluation services

We provide a full range of evaluation services to a wide range of customers across the UK, including all types of archaeological and geophysical surveys.

We can ensure that pre-application archaeological assessments and evaluations for developments and planners are well scoped and carried out economically.

Desk based assessment mapDesk based assessments and heritage statements

We provide desk-based assessments and heritage statements, which interrogate existing written, graphic, photographic and electronic information to quickly assess the likelihood that archaeological remains are present on the proposed development site. We present our findings in a report format tailored to your needs.

Geophysical surveyingGeophysical Surveys

We provide a fast and efficient service, which balances a quick turnaround with a high-quality report. The reports we provide are guaranteed to meet all current guidelines and local authority specifications.

Our geophysics team, with over 25 years’ experience, offers:

  • Advice on methods and techniques
  • Detailed magnetometer survey (using either Bartington Grad601 magnetic gradiometers or a Sensys Magneto®MXPDA 5 channel cart-based system)
  • Magnetometer scanning
  • Earth resistance survey

Landscape surveyingLandscape surveys

We provide all levels of landscape survey, from rapid walkover assessments to detailed topographic surveys.

Landscape survey services include:

  • Survey grade GPS survey (cm accuracy)
  • Walkover survey using mapping grade GPS (2m accuracy)
  • GIS analysis of results
  • Hachured plans
  • Digital terrain modelling
  • Detailed interpretative and analytical reports

We provide survey data digitally in AutoCAD and GIS compatible formats for seamless integration with other site plans.

All of our surveying work is compliant with Historic England's guidelines for landscape survey and investigation.

Trial trenchingTrial trenching 

We provide a trial trenching service aimed at gaining information about the archaeological resource within a given site. The results can be used to recommend no further work, or to recommend an appropriate mitigation strategy as part of the development programme. On occasion, trial trenching can be undertaken as a condition of planning consent, although further work can still be required to discharge the condition. Please contact us for further advice.

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