Toxicology Services

Toxicology lab

Providing a service to the Coroner and to companies and individuals by analysing drug, alcohol and solvent levels in blood, urine and tissue samples.

Operating for over 25 years, we have significant experience in the analysis of controlled drugs, psychoactive substances (legal highs), e-liquids (vapours) and a wide range of poisons.

Our Toxicology Testing and Analysis Services

We can provide a wide range of toxicology testing and analysis services including the following:

The types of analysis we carry out:

  • Analysis of e-liquids
  • Analysis and identification of controlled drugs including cannabis, heroin, amphetamine, ecstasy and cocaine

We provide scientific evidence for coroners, police, criminal justice and voluntary sector partners:

  • Working with HM Coroners to investigate deaths
  • Expert witness service in criminal proceedings
  • Investigations into drugs of abuse and drug assisted assault
  • Investigations into potential animal poisonings
  • Testing for drugs and poisons in body fluids
  • Screening of urine samples for the presence of drugs
  • Investigating likely cases of solvent abuse

Providing scientific testing services for individuals or employers:

  • Consultancy work for drink driving cases
  • Pre-employment screening

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