Asbestos Four Stage Clearance

asbestos fibreAs part of the licensed removal of asbestos containing materials, it is a legal obligation under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 to ensure that the area is fit for reoccupation. This assessment is known as a Four Stage Clearance (4SC) and must be undertaken by an independent company.

We provide a UKAS accredited Four Stage Clearance service in accordance with ISO 17025. Essentially this is a detailed assessment to ensure that all asbestos containing material has been removed and that the area has been thoroughly cleaned prior to it being fit for reoccupation. Only when strict criteria has been met are we able to issue a Certificate of Reoccupation.

The Four Stage Clearance steps

Below is a brief summary of the process that we undertake to ensure the thorough removal of any asbestos containing material:

Stage 1: Preliminary check of site condition and job completeness;

Stage 2: A thorough visual inspection inside the enclosure area;

Stage 3: Air Monitoring;

Stage 4: Final assessment post-enclosure dismantling.

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