How to apply

Before you apply

You must contact the business you are in dispute with and get their agreement to participate in the Alternative Dispute Resolution process. You cannot apply if the business doesn't agree to participate.



  • apply online
  • Apply by post:

If you do not have access to the Internet you can telephone 0113 5350000 and ask one of our team members to post an application form to you. Send your completed form to:


ADRS West Yorkshire Trading Standards

Nepshaw Lane South



LS27 7JQ



  • There is no fee to the consumer

The business will need to pay a fee if they agree to ADR. The amount is £250 + VAT for Stage 1 Mediation and a further £250 + VAT for Stage 2 Adjudication.



It is your responsibility to prove the case that you are making, including justifying any sums of money you are seeking to claim.

The standard of proof is 'on the balance of probabilities'. This means that you have proved that it is more likely than not that what you are saying is true.

You must submit evidence in support of your claim. The better and more organised your evidence, the stronger your claim will be.

As well as providing evidence showing what you say is correct, you must also provide evidence showing why the amount claimed is appropriate.

Your evidence, and any evidence provided by the business, is the only information used to inform the decision, so please make sure you include everything relevant and that the copies are legible. Including lots of irrelevant evidence can make your case less clear.

Our ADR officials will not make any enquiries beyond what you and the business tell them. They are not able to conduct site visits, will not respond to comments like “these are available on request” and will not ask for evidence from other parties like trade associations.

Do not submit original documents with your application as we are unable to return evidence to you. At the conclusion of the process your application and all documents will be securely destroyed.

If you have any questions about the application process please email