About the scheme

How the scheme operates

This scheme is owned and run by West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service and is totally independent. For administrative purposes it is governed by West Yorkshire Joint Services.

The scheme is fully accredited by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute under the Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes (Competent Authorities and information) Regulations 2015.

Our scheme is led and managed by a Trading Standards Manager and has 9 ADR Officials who assess the evidence presented to them and form a judgement with regard to the most effective means of resolving the dispute. Our officials are all Trading Standards professionals who have been appointed on a permanent basis with appropriate qualifications and experience in relation to consumer law, assessment of evidence and decision making. 

The outcome is not binding on the consumer. The outcome is binding on the business only if there is a legal requirement for them to be bound or if it is a condition of your membership of a trade association or similar body that they agree to be bound. For further information please see the documents below:

Read the Scheme Rules and Procedure (PDF).

View the Process (PDF).

We abide by the regulations for Alternative Dispute Resolution schemes.

Our annual report 19-20 (PDF)

Our annual report 20-21 (PDF)

If you have any further questions, email ADR@wyjs.org.uk