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West Yorkshire Joint Services
West Yorkshire Joint Services
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The reduction in Government funding as a result of the Comprehensive Spending Review has meant that the five councils who contributed to West Yorkshire Grants (WYG) will no longer be doing so after the end of the 2011/12 financial year.


This has been likely for some time, and it was with this in mind that all groups receiving funding for 2011/12 were advised in March this year that they would be unlikely to receive any further funding from WYG. To help these organisations, a staged withdrawal of funding was agreed, and 32 organisations have received funding in 2011/12.


The end of funding from WYG does not necessarily mean that these organisations will no longer receive support. The five councils may still take a West Yorkshire approach to funding organisations which are clearly of significance to the entire sub-region however this funding will not be through the formal West Yorkshire grants process. Individual councils will now decide whether or not to fund organisations in their own districts in 2012/13 through their normal budgeting processes


West Yorkshire Joint Services


November 2011


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Please contact Jonny Croston using the details below:

Telephone 0113 393 9833
Fax 0113 2530311

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Other Funders

Other organisations who assist or advise the voluntary sector in West Yorkshire include
Arts Council Yorkshire
Sport England and Fit4Funding.

West Yorkshire Grants
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