Services to Business

As West Yorkshire Joint Services, we provide a wide variety of services to business. These include compliance auditing, pay as you go business advice, advice and registration for farm and feeds, several training packages, online business advice and primary authority advice.

Compliance Auditing

For businesses to show commitment to compliance, West Yorkshire Trading Standards can perform auditing services against a wide range of regulatory areas either on an internal or external basis.

Pay as you go Business Advice

West Yorkshire Trading Standards is an advocate of the business growth agenda and  supports the business community in order to help grow the Yorkshire and Humber regional economy as well as helping to grow ‘UK PLC’ overall. 

Advice and Registration for Farm and Feeds

The EC Feed Hygiene Regulations (183/2005) provides feed businesses to have a system in place to ensure that feed is safe for the animals and the food chain.

Our Training Packages

West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service ensures a fair market place where consumers can safely and confidently interact with compliant businesses. 

Online Business Advice

In our enforcement policy, West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service commits to ensuring that businesses clearly understand the legislative requirements related to their business activity, and they have the resources to access advice to aid the meeting of those requirements. 

Primary Authority Advice

Primary authority is an alternative approach for businesses to comply with the law. The scheme, regulated by The Better Regulation Delivery Office is to provide consistent regulation, improve professionalism, reduce burdens upon businesses and encourage growth.