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It is important to know your rights when buying a car and also to research the history and condition of a vehicle before purchase.

Vehicles can have hidden histories: common problems include badly repaired insurance write offs, finance which has not been settled or service histories and mileages which have been tampered with.

Motor Trade Partnership

West Yorkshire Trading Standards recognises that some consumers are apprehensive when it comes to buying a car or simply choosing where to have their vehicle serviced or repaired.

The Motor Trade Partnership was set up to work with West Yorkshire garages and strives to improve standards within the motor industry, giving consumers the confidence that they are dealing with a reputable trader who has made a commitment to fair and honest practices by becoming a member of the Partnership. The scheme is administered by West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service and works with businesses in the following sectors:

  • New vehicle sales (cars, motorbikes, light haulage)
  • Used vehicle sales
  • Repairs and servicing
  • Sale and fitting of parts and accessories

Motor trade partnership

Benefits to you

The Motor Trade Partnership offers considerable benefits to West Yorkshire consumers, not least by providing reassurance that garages are making a positive statement that they are committed to providing a high level of consumer service.

As a service we ensure that members of the Partnership follow strict criteria and they are regularly monitored to make sure that high standards are maintained. Specifically:

  • Members will undergo an annual audit
  • Members agree to abide by the terms and conditions of membership
  • Members must adhere to an approved customer complaints procedure
  • Members check the history of all used vehicles
  • Should a member inadvertently supply a clocked vehicle, the consumer will receive a full refund within 12 months of purchase
  • All servicing and repair work will only be carried out with the consumer's permission
  • Members will retain old parts for consumers' inspection

Remember to look for the Motor Trade Partnership logo and ask if your Motor Dealer is a member.

List of current members

Why buy from a member?

The motor industry is full of potential pitfalls for consumers. We often see consumers who have been duped into buying a clocked car or a badly repaired insurance write off or a car which is unfit for use on the road.

Have a look below at some of the potential problems you could come across:

  • Clocked Vehicles - There are thousands out there. It is a very lucrative business to be in, and many consumers each year end up owning a vehicle that shows 20,000 on the odometer but has actually done 120,000
  • Unroadworthy vehicles - Some cars can appear fine to look at, but when you dig deeper you could actually find the car you've just bought is not fit to be on the public highway. Unless you know what to look for or are prepared to pay for a mechanic to check the vehicle out before you buy, then you could end up getting caught out
  • Vehicle history - Knowing what questions to ask or what documents to see can help you determine the history of a vehicle. How do you ensure that you are not being sold a vehicle that has been an insurance write off?

The Motor Trade Partnership is not just another Trade Association scheme. Uniquely, we are backed by West Yorkshire Trading Standards and unlike most schemes we monitor members on a regular basis to ensure that the correct procedures and practices are being followed. This means if you buy from a member you are buying with confidence.

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