'M' series specifications

Our professional team have developed a number of specifications for plastic products which have been adopted extensively across the UK.

They are known as the 'M' series specifications.

M1A1: - Domestic refuse sacks usually made from medium or, occasionally, high density (MD or HD) polymer. 

M2A1: - Domestic refuse sacks generally made from low density (LD) polymer. 

M3: - A heavy domestic, trade or light clinical waste sack.

M4: - Domestic refuse sacks of the 'pillow case type' made from co-extruded linear-low density (CELLD) polymer. 

M5: - A heavy trade or general clinical waste sack. 

M6: - A light-weight sack for schools' janitorial use, street sweeping or light domestic refuse. 

M7: - A heavy clinical waste sack, primarily for operating theatre use. 

M9: - Domestic refuse sacks made form recycled polymer. 

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