Calibration Services

We provide a calibration service for a wide variety of weighing and measuring equipment, including bulk fuel, glass measures and weighing instruments. click here for full details of the services we provide.

We provide a calibration service and certificates for a wide variety of weighing and measuring equipment.

For Local Authority Legal Metrology requirements, we can calibrate Working Standards and Test Equipment.

Our mass laboratories are UKAS accredited to ISO17025 and provide calibration of mass from 1mg to 1000kg and covering a range of accuracy classes.

Under our ISO9001 accredited quality system the following services are traceable to UK National Standards and suitable for most quality assurance systems. These services include:

  • Glass measures and flasks (1ml to 2l)
  • Metal capacity measures (2l to 20l)
  • Tape measures and rules (150mm to 50m)
  • Weighing instruments (all accuracy classes at various capacities)
  • Local Authority Working Standard weights and testing equipment.

We offer Legal Verification Services for weighing and measuring equipement which is required by UK and EU law to be tested and passed before it can be used for trade.

We offer for hire:

  • fully equipped weighbridge test units
  • LPG calibration test unit
  • bulk fuel calibration test unit
  • weights
  • liquid fuel measuring instrument test unit