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Our online catalogue has over 680,000 entries and new material is being added to it regularly so please keep checking for new material.

Most of our collections will have a general description on the online catalogue which will tell you what type of records are held in each collection. 

Tips to make a successful search:

  • Start with a subject word or place name
  • Don’t search for an individual person’s name, search for the type of record(s) the person might be mentioned in (the name of a church or a hospital, the name of a business they worked for)
  • Look for variations of spellings if you do not find a result first time
  • View our guide with hints and tips for searching the catalogue here

Finding the information you are interested in within archives is not always straight forward.  We are trained to help you get the most out of your search for information so if you are at all unsure where to begin your search of the archives please contact us.

Online Resources

As well as our online catalogue there are a number of other websites and online resources that hold information on the records held by us: 

Catablogue - Our online collections blog that highlights collections and records of interest

Ancestry - we have worked in partnership with ancestry to digitise, index and make available on their website millions of copies of original records held with us.

Wiki Archives -  ‘Off the Record’ is a Wiki page set up by us to help explain the records we hold and what information you may expect to find within them.

History to Herstory - a website and online catalogue celebrating the lives of women in Yorkshire from the 1100s to the present day. The latest stage of the project was funded by JISC and created in a partnership between us and Huddersfield University, with contributions from the Bronte Society, Hull Local Studies Library, and Leeds City Council Libraries.

Tracks in Time - a project undertaken by us and supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund. It saw the conservation and digitisation of the historic tithe maps which together span the modern Leeds Metropolitan District.

NowThen -  NowThen is a community website which allows exploration of West Yorkshire through experiences of the people who live there

The Virtual Waterways - an online catalogue bringing together hundreds of years of British Waterways history, it also includes thousands of records held by us

Leodis - photographic archive of Leeds delivered by Leeds Library and Information Services, containing many images held by us

Guides to Download

Collections Guide 1 - parish registers

Collections Guide 2 - Nonconformist records

Collections Guide 3 - Bishops Transcripts

Collections Guide 4 - Wills

Collections Guide 5 - Roman Catholic Registers

Collections Guide 6 - Police Records

Collections Guide 8 - Donating Archives

Collections Guide 9 - Tithe

Collections Guide 10 - First World War Records

User Guide 6 - Access to mental Health Records

User Guide 10 - House History Records

User Guide 11 - Family Records

User Guide 16 - Local History Records

User Guide 17 - Records Management